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Pedro Salinas [1891–1951]

Date of Birth: 27 Nov 1891 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Died: 4 Dec 1951 Boston (age 60)

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Poet, novelist, dramatist and literary critic. One of the principal figures of the Generation of '27.

Time Table

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1891–1899 Madrid. Calle Toledo 41
Spends his early childhood in Madrid.
1898 Madrid. Calle Toledo
Attends primary school at the Colegio Hispanofrancés.
1899 Madrid. Calle don Pedro
Moves to a new area of Madrid after his father dies.
1903–1908 Madrid. Calle Toledo
Receives his secondary education at the Instituto Nacional San Isidro. Meets Guillermo de Torre.
1908–1913 Madrid. Calle San Bernardo
Studies Law at the University of Madrid. Studies History simultaneously, from 1910. Obtains both degrees.
1910 Madrid
Begins to attend the tertulias at the "Ateneo" and several cafes. Meets Enrique Díez Canedo, Ricardo Baeza, José Moreno Villa and other intellectuals.
1911 Madrid
Begins to publish his poems in journals such as Prometeo, España, and later in La Pluma and Los Lunes del Imparcial.
1912 Paris
Receives a grant from the Junta de Ampliación de Estudios to study History of Art in Paris for a few months.
1913 Madrid. Calle Prado
Appointed secretary of the Comission of Literature of the Ateneo de Madrid.
30 Nov 1914–May 1917 Paris. La Sorbonne
Lector in Spanish at the University of La Sorbonne.
Dec 1915 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Marries Margarita Bonmarti.
Jun 1918–1928 Seville. Plaza Ponce de León
Lecturer in Spanish Literature at the University of Seville. He takes up his post in February 1919.
Oct 1922–Jul 1923 Cambridge/United Kingdom
Teaches Spanish Literature at the University of Cambridge as a lector for the Special Board of Medieval and Modern Languages.
1924 Starts publishing in Revista de Occidente.
1928–1930 Madrid. Calle Principe de Vergara
Obtains permission from the University of Seville to become a researcher at the Centro de Estudios Históricos. He is placed in charge of the Modern Literature section. At the same time, he teaches Spanish Language to foreign students at the Central School of Languages in Madrid.
1930–1936 Madrid
Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Madrid.
1932 Santander. Calle San Francisco
Appointed Secretary of the Universidad Internacional de Verano de Santander.
Aug 1933 Santander
Takes part for the first time in teaching the annual Summer courses at the Universidad Internacional.
31 Aug 1936 Bilbao
Leaves Spain for the USA, where he has been offered a post as a professor at Wellesley College.
Sep 1936–Jun 1940 Wellesley/Massachusetts
Visiting professor at Wellesley College. Occupies the Mary Whitin Charles chair. Appointed professor in 1937.
Aug 1939 Paris
Travels to Europe for the last time in his life.
Sep 1940–Jun 1943 Baltimore. 3430 University Place
Baltimore. 3521, Newland Drive
Professor at the Johns Hopkins University.
Sep 1940–Jun 1943 San Juan/Puerto Rico
Visiting professor at the University of Puerto Rico. His stay is extended to three academic years.
Jun 1943–1951 Baltimore. 3521, Newland Drive
Returns to his chair at Johns Hopkins.
Aug–Sep 1947 Lima
Travels around South America giving conferences.
15–16 Feb 1951 New York
La fuente del arcángel performed at Columbia University by a theatre group of Barnard College, directed by Laura de los Ríos.
5 Jun 1951 Havana/Cuba
Judit y el tirano performed by a university theatre group in Havana, directed by Luis Baralt. Salinas was too ill to attend the production.
4 Dec 1951 Boston
Dies at the age of 60.
Jul–Aug 1980 El Escorial
Los santos staged at the Real Coliseo de Carlos III in El Escorial.
1981 Puerto Rico
Various performances of Salinas' plays in Spain and Puerto Rico, in commemoration of the centenary of the playwright's birth.
Nov 1991 Murcia
San Juan/Puerto Rico
Los santos performed in Murcia, directed by César Oliva, who then took the production to San Juan, Puerto Rico in December of the same year.
18 Feb 1992 Madrid
La Cabeza de Medusa performed at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, directed by Pilar Massa.
9 Jul 1992 Madrid
Judit y el tirano performed at the Teatro Español, directed by Manuel Collado.
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