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Jorge Guillén [1893–1984]

Date of Birth: 18 Jan 1893 Valladolid, Calle Constitución, 12
Died: 6 Feb 1984 Malaga (age 91)

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Time Table

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1909 Valaldolid
Ends his Secondary School at Instituto Zorrilla.
1911 Freiburg
Attends religious school in Freiburg, where he learns French.
Sep 1911–1913 Madrid/Spain
University studies. Degree in Philosophy
1913–1914 Munich
Travels to Germany
1914 Madrid, Calle Fortuny
Stays in Madrid. Lives in the Residencia de Estudiantes.
1914–1917 Madrid
Lives in Residencia de Estudiantes.
1917–1923 Veracruz/Mexico
Gets a post as lecturer of Spanish in La Sorbonne.
1921 Veracruz/Mexico
Meets Paul Valery.
1921 Veracruz/Mexico
Marries Germaine Cahen
1921–1923 Veracruz/Mexico
Writes articles of Literary Criticism for El Norte de Castilla, La Libertad, Indice, La Verdad, España and La Pluma.
1923–1925 Murcia
Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Murcia.
Jun 1923 Valladolid, Calle Constitución, 12
Returns to Valladolid.
1925 Madrid
Obtains his PhD with a dissertation about Góngora.
Feb 1926 Murcia
Is appointed professor of Literature at the University of Murcia.
Feb 1929–1931 Oxford
Due to the closure of the University of Murcia, Guillén accepts a lectorship at Oxford University.
1931 Seville. Plaza Ponce de León
Becomes professor at the University of Seville.
30 Jul–19 Aug 1936 Pamplona
He and his wife are imporisioned when trying to set off to France.
9 Jul 1938 Vera de Bidasoa
Crosses the border allowed by his friend the Francoist Minister Pedro Sainz Rodriguez.
15 Jul 1938 Veracruz/Mexico
Arrives to Paris, whre he meets his wife and children.
Sep 1938–Mar 1939 Obtains a teaching post at University of Middlebury.
May 1939–Aug 1940 Montreal
Appointed professor of Literature at McGill University.
Aug 1940–1958 Wellesley, Norfolk Terrace
Professor at Wellesley College.
23 Oct 1947 Veracruz/Mexico
His wife, Germaine dies.
Jul 1949 Valladolid
Travels to Spain.
11 Oct 1961 Bogota
Marries Irene Mochy.
1976 Alcalá de Henares
Awarded the Cervantes Prize for Literature.
1976 Malaga, Paseo Maritimo 29
Return to Spain. Settles in Malaga.
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Fundación Jorge Guillén
Website of Jorge Guillén's Foundation in Valladolid. This institution holds Guillén's personal archive as well as other writers from Castilia, such as the exile novelist Rosa Chacel's.
El Poder de la Palabra
Includes a link to the recording of Jorge Guillén reading two of his poems.
Bibliotecas del Instituto Cervantes
Website of the Instituto Cervantes devoted to Guillén. It contains biographical and bibliographical information.
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