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Rosa Chacel [1898–1994]

Date of Birth: 3 Jun 1898 Valladolid. Calle Constitución, 12
Died: 7 Aug 1994 Madrid (age 96)

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1904 Valladolid
Begins her primary education at the Carmelitas school.
1907–1910 Madrid
Moves to Madrid to live with her grandmother. They live in the Barrio de Maravillas, which she will go on to write about.
1910 Madrid. Castelló 5.
The family enters into some money and is able to move house.
1914–1915 Madrid, calle La Palma
Studies painting at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid.
1915–1918 Madrid, Calle Alcalá,
Studies painting at the School of Fine Arts in San Fernando, where she meets important artists such as Gregorio Prieto, Josep Renau and Timoteo Pérez Rubio. Among her teachers are Ramón del Valle Inclán and Julio Romero de Torres.
1918–1920 Madrid
Starts to enter into literary circles in Madrid, after meeting Aurora de Albornoz. Attends the Ateneo and the tertulias of La Granja del Henar.
Apr 1922 Madrid
Marries the painter Timoteo Pérez Rubio.
Apr 1922–Aug 1927 Rome
Lives in Rome thanks to a grant obtained by her husband to study at the Spanish Academy in Rome. Travels to Germany, Austria and France.
Sep 1927 Madrid
Returns to Madrid.
1928–1929 Madrid
Writes for La Gaceta Literaria and Revista de Occidente and becomes close disciple of José Ortega y Gasset.
Mar–Sep 1930 Berlin
Travels to Germany. Gives a lecture at the University of Berlin. In Germany, she meets Rafael Alberti, María Teresa León and Ángel Rosenblat.
Jul 1936–Jan 1937 Madrid
Writes for anti-fascist journals during the war and works as a nurse.
1937 Madrid
Writes for Hora de España, El Mono Azul and other anti-fascist journals.
Feb 1937–Oct 1938 Sets off to Paris, France.
Oct 1938–Mar 1939 Athens
Lives in Greece, where she is friendly with the Spanish ambassador, Máximo José Kahn. They stay at Nikos Kazantzakis' home.
Mar 1939–Jan 1940 Arrives in Geneva, via El Cairo and Marseille. She is reunited with her husband.
Feb–Apr 1940 Veracruz/Mexico
Stays briefly in Paris before setting off to America.
30 May 1940–1959 Brazil
Chacel, her husband and her son arrive in Brazil, where they decide to settle.
Jun 1940–1950 Buenos Aires
They spend their winters in Buenos Aires.
1941–1950 Buenos Aires
Writes for the newspaper La Nación and the journals Sur, Realidad and Los Anales de Buenos Aires, among others. Translates important works for Argentinian publishing companies. Gives lectures at the Universidad Nacional del Sur, in Bahía Blanca.
1959–1961 New York, 142 E 29th
Stays in New York thanks to a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation for artists. She meets Jorge Guillén in Boston.
Jul–Sep 1959 México D. F.
Travels to Mexico, where she meets many other exiles, including her friends Luis Cernuda and Concha de Albornoz.
Jan–Jun 1962 Madrid
Returns to Madrid for the first time since the war. Gives lectures.
Jun 1962–May 1963 Paris
Stays in Paris.
May 1963–1974 Rio de Janeiro. Avenida Copacabana
Returns to Rio.
Jun–Jul 1971 Madrid
Visits Madrid once again, invited there by Angel Rosenblat.
1972 Madrid
Third visit to Spain.
1974–1977 Madrid. Paseo de la Habana 134
Obtains a grant from the Juan March Foundation which allows her to return to Spain for a longer period of time. Gives lectures and interviews and publishes articles in Spain. During these years she makes frequent trips to Rio de Janeiro.
1977 Her husband dies. La Sinrazón wins the Critics' Prize.
1977 Madrid. Calle Ayala
Returns definitively to Spain.
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