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Alejandro Casona [1903–1965]

Date of Birth: 23 Mar 1903 Cangas de Narcea/Asturias
Died: 17 Sep 1965 Madrid (age 62)

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1903–1908 Besullo
Spends the first years of his life in a small village in Asturias, Northern Spain.
1908–1913 Villaviciosa de Odon
His father is sent to Villaviciosa, where he lives for five years.
1911–1913 Miranda/Aviles
Attends primary school.
1913–1916 Gijon/Asturias, calle Corrida, 32
Lives in Gijón, where he attends the Instituto Jovellanos from 1914.
1916–1917 Palencia, calle República Argentina 1
Moves to Palencia due to his father's job, where he continues his studies in the Instituto Técnico y General de Palencia.
Aug 1917–1920 Murcia
His father is relocated once more. Completes his secondary education in Murcia.
1920–1922 Oviedo
Studies Philosophy and Letters at the Universities of Oviedo and Murcia.
1922–1926 Madrid
Studies teaching at the Escuela Superior de Magisterio and begins studying Medicine.
1927 Madrid
Begins working as a primary school teacher.
1928 San Sebastian
Marries Rosalía Martín Bravo.
1928–1930 Les/Lleida
Appointed Primary Education Inspector in a small mountain village.
1929 Zaragoza
El crimen de Lord Arturo performed.
Jan–Dec 1931 Cangas de Narcea/Asturias
Sent to Asturias, where he is commissioned to create new schools.
Dec 1931–1933 Madrid
Moves after being appointed Inspector in Madrid.
1932 Madrid
Wins the National Prize for Literature for his work Flor de Leyendas.
15 May 1932–Jun 1936 Esquivias/Asturias
Works for the Misiones Pedagógicas. Appointed Director of the People's Theatre/ Travelling Theatre [teatro del pueblo/ teatro ambulante].
1934 Madrid
Wins the Lope de Vega Prize for his play La sirena varada.
Sep 1936 France
Leaves Spain after the start of the Civil War, escaping from Asturias. Returns via Barcelona shortly afterwards.
17 Feb 1937 Leaves Spain.
May 1937 Mexico D. F.
Arrives in Mexico on board the ship Iberia. He will live in Mexico for two years, until July 1939.
Jun 1937 Mexico
Prohibido suicidarse en primavera performed four months after Casona leaves Spain.
1938 Caracas
Visits Cuba, where he gives lectures and his play El crimen de don Arturo is performed. Romance en tres noches premiered in Caracas.
1939 Montevideo
Sinfonía inacabada premiered.
7 Jul 1939 Buenos Aires
Settles in Buenos Aires.
1940 Montevideo
Staging of Marie Curie (unpublished), a theatrical biography of the famous scientist, by Blanca Podestá's company at the Teatro Smart.
1941 Buenos Aires
Las tres perfectas casadas premiered.
1942–1965 Buenos Aires/Argentina
Casona lives at calle Arenales 843 for more than twenty years, and writes more than twenty screenplays between 1941 and 1954.
1944 Buenos Aires
La dama del alba premiered.
1945 Buenos Aires
La barca sin pescador premiered.
1956 Paris
Travels to Europe. Crosses the border to Barcelona for the first time since the Civil War to visit his father.
1960 Madrid
Second stay in Spain for a few days in the middle of a journey to Europe.
1962 Buenos Aires
Staging of Carta de amor de una monja portuguesa (unpublished) by Berta Singerman's company.
1962 Madrid
Returns to Spain for performance of La dama del alba in Madrid. Followed by a three year season of performances of his plays, the 'festival Casona'.
Apr 1962 Madrid
Returns to live in Spain.
1963 Madrid
Returns to Madrid.
1964 Spain
El caballero de las espuelas de oro performed in Spain.
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